Dear Voter:

My name is Frazier H. Kimpson. 

I have decided to run as a candidate for State Representative of Michigan in District 4.

I humbly request your vote on August 4th.



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Time To Vote!


We need to increase funding for all K-12 schools, hire more certified teachers, lower the class size and add music, art and physical education to the school curriculum.


We need to increase aid to cities with high unemployment and offer job training for those who lost their job due to COVID-19. We propose more training for those who are in foreclosure. We will help navigate them through this process.

Economic Development

We support tax abatements to bring new businesses into our city that will empower and support women and minority owners as well as generate funds for our neighborhoods.

Criminal Justice

We would advocate for mandatory in-prison classes for inmates and require mandatory sentencing for crimes against women and children. I believe that we should promote the proper balance between incarceration and rehabilitation.

Youth Programs

We would allocate money from the budget — to building new prisons and funding recreation centers and after-school incentives for our youth and seniors.

Senior Citizens

We must remove the tax on our senior pensions, lower the cost of prescription drugs for our seniors and the disabled, while providing free bus rides for every one of them.

Meet Frazier Kimpson.

Hi, I’m Frazier Kimpson. I am a Detroit native and I am running for election to the Michigan House of Representatives to represent District 4.

Frazier H. Kimpson

P. O. Box 2423
Detroit, MI 48202