I remain encouraged by recognizing that “We the People” implies that we all must serve.

-Frazier H. Kimpson

Meet Mr. Frazier.

A Detroit native, Frazier H. Kimpson was born on the lower east side of the city, in an area known as Black Bottom. Black Bottom was home to residents, many who made significant contributions to American music during the expressed eras of Blues, Big Band, and Jazz, and like other urban neighborhoods across the country, Black Bottom was plagued with poverty, despite its rich culture and musical heritage.

At the age of ten, a young Frazier joined the neighborhood church. Calvary Baptist Church was a church, known for the notable people from Detroit’s heyday along with other nationally known figures who attended there. Calvary was rich in history and acclaim, and Calvary was where a young Frazier began exemplifying servitude as a junior usher. Years later, he became a deacon, followed by the office of Sunday school teacher and finally, the chairman of the Trustee Board.

Following graduation from high school, Frazier turned his sights to Atlanta, to the esteemed Morehouse College. There he earned his bachelor’s degree and later followed that up with a master’s from the University of Detroit. Frazier has always believed in the value of shaping public policy through public service, which is precisely why he decided to embark upon his career as a teacher. What better way to impact the lives of people simply by the vocation of educating them.

During his early tenure as a teacher and mentor, Frazier was appointed Director of the Detroit office of the Michigan Youth Corp. As director, he provided placement for first-time workers ranging from the ages of 18-21. He created a culture there where he provided valuable placement in entry-level, public sector jobs. His unique mentoring system afforded his young workers not only their first paycheck and a solid foundation in work experience, but enrichment with quality references and applied objectives which prepared them for future opportunities in employment.

Next was an appointment to the Governor’s Commission, where he and the board’s focus was squarely on welfare reform. Their two-year study focused on impoverished communities, the disadvantages associated with its condition, along with its trends and socio-behaviors. The study concluded that families on public assistance expressed displeasure for continued assistance on its welfare program. The commission found that a vast majority of families desired meaningful employment and quality opportunities that would grant them the financial path they desired along with an ability to empower their families with the core values of self-respect.

Another notable appointment was to the position of Deputy Director of the City of Detroit’s Municipal Parking Department. Mr. Kimpson’s record during his tenure at the department was quite impressive. He effectively managed a hefty budget, in excess of 25 million dollars while supervising over 400 employees. During his time there, among his major accomplishments were assisting in the expansion of the Cobo Roof Deck. He also implemented substantial capital improvements to all city-owned parking structures and lots, while spearheading a strong stance on affirmative action policies.

Mr. Kimpson also served as Administrator in the Detroit Public Schools’ Office of School Community and Family Relations. Among his responsibilities were the management of quality outreach programs in the community that were established during U.S. District Judge Robert Dimascio’s administration.

That brings us to his political endeavors: Politics has its value and necessity especially when one aspires to bring quality service to a large number of his constituents. Mr. Kimpson knows the value of service with integrity. His initial entry into the political sector was with the Democratic Party Organization where he was the Chairman of the 15th District. During his service and affiliation there, he generated innumerable contributions and have been awarded more than 25 community and civic awards. One of his many highlights include a select invitation to a meeting with William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States.

Though he has amassed many awards and accolades, his most cherished accomplishments are his position as a devoted husband to his wife Mary, a father of four beautiful children, a regarded school teacher among his students and the often undercelebrated “Who’s Who Among African Americans.”

Frazier with wife Mary Lavonne Kimpson

[L-R] Calvin, Justin, Candace, Frazier Jr, Mary Kimpson, Jasmin, Frazier, Dawn, Andre and Farrah

You will often find Frazier advocating for his beloved citizens and handling various concerns for the constituents of the City of Detroit.

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