Dear Voter:

My name is Frazier H. Kimpson. 

I have decided run as a candidate for State Representative in District 4 and humbly request your vote on August 4th. I am a resident of Detroit with a history of public service. I am a graduate of the Detroit Public Schools, Morehouse College and the University of Detroit/Mercy where I obtained both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree.

I want to be a member of the Michigan House of Representatives for many reasons. Some, among several important reasons, are to obtain more job training and job growth for Detroit residents, lower property taxes for senior citizens. I desire to spearhead a campaign to eliminate blight, I would love to secure additional funding to hire and train more police and fire personnel from the neighborhoods in Detroit. 

This framework, coupled with my background and experience, make me an ideal candidate. 

My Plan:

A Clear Perspective.

Focused Leadership

Government should be responsive to the needs of the people. Given the many challenges Michiganders face, we can’t waste time or any other resource. Therefore, I am preparing to hit the ground running if I am elected to represent the people.

We must take a stronger position on education because our nation and this city depend on preparing students to be productive and meet the challenges ahead.

The number one issue facing Detroit, as well as other parts of the state, is unemployment. An educational system which recognizes that reality must respond with a jobs growth strategy.

Finally, seniors matter. We owe them, not a handout, but clear, decisive programs that allow them to live with dignity.

A New Chapter

Seniors:  We need to rescind the tax on senior pensions immediately, watch over our senior public housing programs, offer free rides on public transportation for them and eliminate the cost to public museums to help make their quality of life better.

Students:  “The essence of true genius in the education of all students is the ability to create things that weren’t there before.”  I propose for us to be a little more creative by increasing funding for all K-12 schools, offering preschool classes and providing infant care for all children, regardless of income. These valuable offerings would give those children a clinical advantage when starting school and it would offer the system a steady pool of enriched students that would flow into to the Public School System. This provision alone would afford more parents the flexibility to search for work and maintain employment, while at the same time, produce a revenue stream that would aid in stabilizing our public schools’ budgets now and in the future statewide. 

Title One and Chapter Three Programs:  I think we need to look at expanding the use of all male and female academies for at-risk students.  Studies have shown that some students cannot perform academically in a regular classroom environment.  More structure and discipline coupled with less distraction may be needed to enhance their performance. The curriculum and environment should be modified to the extent where our students can be expected to achieve academically with a more rigorous schedule.  They also need the exampleship of strong male and female teachers who are creative in utilizing educational tools that offer a different perspective in the classroom.

We need to establish a police and student cadet institute that would create a different climate between officers and students.  We can use the student internship as one way for recruiting police officers in the future.  The hope is that these students will one day consider a job in the criminal justice system.

There are several benefits, even if only one third of the students decide to pursue a job as a Detroit Police Officer. The remaining students have the potential to be civicly involved citizens for block clubs and crime prevention programs in their respective communities.  With the right projects and guidance these students could help rehabilitate the relationship between the beat officers on the streets and the young people in our community, which would help enhance youth programs and crime prevention activity.  We must not fail to invest an engage this segment of our community. Failing to do so will invite in other elements who seize upon it.

Inspired By The Past | Looking To The Future

In addition to my experiences as a public servant, I remain encouraged by recognizing that “We the people” implies we all must serve.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy said, “We all inhabit this planet, we all breathe the same air, we all cherish our children’s future and we are all mortal.”  That alone is where we should begin to think as one state, one people, one neighborhood and move this state and city, like none before us, have done.

Finally, perhaps you, along with others, can understand the importance of strong leadership in Lansing and Washington. In the 1865 landmark case, Plessy v. Ferguson, Homer Adolph Plessy refused to sit in a train car designated for blacks only. The South used that Supreme Court ruling under the separate but equal doctrine to advance the cause of segregation all across this country. It was 60 years before that case was overturned in Brown vs. The Board of Education.  The lead attorney was our beloved Thurgood Marshall. This was true leadership in the fight for freedom and I truly intend to honor his legacy by working hard to serve the people of Michigan.

Frazier H. Kimpson

Candidate for State Representative of the 4th District

The Plan Preview

Consequently, if elected, I propose to do the following during my first 90 days:

  • Repeal the Senior Pension Tax
  • Repeal the Right to Work Law of 2012
  • Eliminate all student and parent loan debt in the State of Michigan
  • Vote to shift funds to hire more police officers to help reduce crime
  • Call for a repeal of the 3rd Grade Retention Act: Holding students back for no data driven reason
  • Re-write of the Emergency Manager Law
  • I support adopting a Marshall Full Employment Plan
  • Expand small business opportunities for women and minorities by creating a format specifically designed towards small businesses and help existing businesses in the state
  • Continue to offer incentives to corporations that relocate to the city
  • Support developing all male/female academies; fully funding all-day preschools and kindergarten
  • Add music, art and health and physical education to the school curriculum

Frazier H. Kimpson


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